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Lead Generation

Why Lead Generation Campaigns Fail

By Lead Generation

All too often my team engages new potential clients with initiatives that we know for certain we can help achieve. The first objection we confront:

‘We’ve tried lead generation in the past and it just hasn’t worked for us.’

Ever happen to you? I’m sure it has. Here are the three interrelated reasons why lead generation ‘strategies’ fail.


Many times lead providers are so focused on securing the budget that they don’t take the long-term relationship into account. If you don’t consider the client’s goals, you will have a customer, NOT a client.

Likewise, clients need to be clear about their goals. If you cannot articulate a goal you cannot achieve it.


How will those goals be quantified? What are the macro and micro goals and when they are achieved, how does this help both groups grow?


An ongoing feedback loop is critical. All too often my group finds that clients are unable to provide quantifiable feedback. Sometimes Advertisers provide feedback weeks, even months after a campaign is completed. By then it’s too late, leaving the campaign no time to optimize mid-stream.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship and open discussions on Expectations, Metrics and ongoing Feedback will set the state for a successful campaign.