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Millions of Consumers — The Right Leads for You

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Build Awareness

Whether you are a top brand with a new marketing initiative or a new company looking to become a household name we will give your promotion the attention it deserves across hundreds of websites
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Create Engagement

Generate excitement and initiate your conversion process with a customized media plan tailored to your specific needs
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Develop Lifetime Value

With consumers who are truly interested in your product offering. Re-market and cross-promote to continually derive value from your media plan for the lifetime of your consumers
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Achieve Your Goals

By streamlining a media plan that will empower you to hit all of your key performance indicators: activity, retention and return on investment
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Industry Leading Efficiency

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Lead Generation Solutions that Utilize the Consumer Experience

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Consumer Initiated

We don’t sell data! Every lead begins with a real consumer initiating the signup process based on their own level of interest.
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Relevant Content Sites

We only place your ad on sites with content related to your promotion to ensure true relevancy for the consumer.
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In Real-Time

This entire process and lead delivery takes place in real-time, empowering you to follow up with your newly acquired customers immediately.
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Contact Our Sales Team for a Free Consultation

Our sales of team of industry experts is capable of helping you decide if Lead Generation is right for your business’s marketing campaign. They will be able to provide you with media kits, RFP’s, and case studies to help you visualize the CPA and CPL processes, and provide you with real-time customer data. They will then assign you an account executive who will be able to personally monitor and optimize your campaigns and provide you with unparalleled customer service.
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