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Industry Verticals

We Provide our Services to a Wide Range of Clients in the Following Industries

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Lead Pulse Media identifies brand loyalists for the nation’s top CPG companies. Our network of sites in Family, Health and Recipes are the perfect audience to engage and build your newsletter database with highly active new-to-file consumers with industry leading activity and lifetime values.


Lead Pulse Media provides lead generation and student inquiries for Online Universities, Ground Campuses, Education Call Centers, and Online Education Portals. All leads are phone validated and clients see exceptional contact rates above 60%, as well as geo-targeting when needed.

Home Services by Category

Lead Pulse Media generates leads by service for clients across all Home Services Categories, including but not limited to: Home Security, Roofing, HVAC, Windows, and Remodeling. We leverage HHI demographic data and our proprietary technology enables us to target Single Family Homeowners and eliminates unworkable data including apartments and PO boxes so your team only receives valid, high-intent consumers.


Lead Pulse Media manages lead generation initiatives for clients in all Financial Sectors. We have the ability to identify consumers based on credit score and household income. This enables us to identify the right prospects including but not limited to Prepaid Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Credit Services, and Investing.


Lead Pulse Media has had the pleasure of managing lead acquisition strategies for 12 US states and over 50 CVB’s. Our state of the art technology empowers our clients in the travel sector to build email newsletter lists with industry leading response rates. Leads are validated against the United States Postal Service database to ensure accuracy for tourism groups following up with postal brochures.

Health & Pharmaceutical

Lead Pulse Media has executed lead generation for a variety of health topics and pharmaceutical clients. Content relevancy provides the key to creating awareness and identifying the right consumers for you.

Parenting & Baby

Lead Pulse Media has been fortunate to service clients in varying sectors related to parenting & baby including but not limited to magazines, health & nutrition, and newsletters. We have access to a vast number of current and expecting parents who are eager to learn the best parenting techniques as well as the best products for their children.

Call Center

Whatever your promotion, Lead Pulse Media will work with you to create the right media plan for you, leveraging content relevancy, consumer interest, and our suite of data validation. Leads requiring phone go thru two levels of data validation to ensure you only receive the most responsive leads.

Couponing & Daily Deals

Lead Pulse Media’s consumers love couponing and daily deals campaigns. We have the ability to target head of household decision-makers with above average HHI’s so you don’t simply get interested leads, you get customers who will create lifetime value!


Lead Pulse Media has implemented newsletter acquisition and database building strategies for some of the nation’s top Fortune 500 brands. Our technology empowers us to validate leads by SMTP code prior to delivering leads to you. This not only helps you build an effective database but also helps you maintain the quality of your ip’s and deliverability by removing any undeliverable email addresses. Additionally, we have the ability to deliver your initial Thank You Email cost included.