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By March 7, 2014Company News

I’m always flattered when friends or colleagues compliment me on my Entrepreneurship, although I’ve never really considered myself an Entrepreneur.

What makes someone an Entrepreneur? Is it business acumen? The ability to create a unique value proposition in a competitive marketplace? Or simply based on a company’s growth? Hey, in the online advertising world, everyone seems all too happy to tout their latest Inc. #500 Ranking (and admittedly I’ve done that too.)

To me, being an Entrepreneur simply means creating service that my team is proud to provide and makes our client’s lives easier. I’ve always considered myself in client service, and simply wanted to build a company that got these basic principals right: creating results that have reattained long-term, meaningful client relationships, and unique publishing partnerships who can count on us to help achieve achieve their goals.

The term “Entrepreneur” always has a connotation of risk that goes along with it, but anyone who puts this principals at the forefront of their mission statement will surely achieve success.

Kevin Brody

Author Kevin Brody

CEO and Founder of Lead Pulse Media

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